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罕盟 x Maggie Oriental 慈善活動

Maggie oriental 將於2019年1月13日(星期日)再度舉辦《Dance of Love 2019 善舞傳愛心》慈善籌款匯演,與上次一樣,扣除成本後的所有收益均全數捐給「香港罕見病聯盟(HKARD)」(下稱罕盟),希望大家一齊參與善舉,並慷慨解囊。
《Dance of Love 2019 善舞傳愛心》
場次:下午3-5時、晚上7-9時, 共兩埸
主辦單位:Maggie Oriental
We would like to invite you to participate in 「Dance of Love 2019」 Charity Performance on Sunday, 13th January, 2019. It would be our honour to have you and contribute donation and effort to a good cause. This is a fund-raising event for Hong Kong Alliance for Rare Diseases (HKARD); all proceeds will go to HKARD and your support will be beneficial to the needy they help and represent.
《Dance of Love 2019 善舞傳愛心》
Date:13 Jan, 2019 (Sun)
Show Times:3:00-5:00pm、7:00-9:00pm (2 sessions)
Venue:Auditorium 1/F, Christian Family Service Centre, 3 Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong
Ticket:$300 (Free Seating)
Organizer:Maggie Oriental
Beneficiary Organization:Hong Kong Alliance for Rare Diseases (HKARD)
Though we are glad that there has been an increase in public awareness since our last fund-raising event - Rare Diseases are not as “rare” as they used to be to both the government and the public, the patients still need kind-hearted support for their medical and financial needs. There are around 6,000 types of Rare Diseases, which are genetic diseases affecting a small percentage of the population (6.5 – 10 in a million). In terms of dealing with Rare Diseases, Hong Kong lags behind other developed countries and has yet to come up with a clear definition of Rare Diseases, which makes it difficult to shape existing health-care policies to attend to the dire needs of the increasing number of patients. Even though the subject was briefly in the limelight when Ms. Carrie Lam addressed the issue of Spinal Muscular Atrophy treatment, the reality is that the patients have very limited resources to cope with their conditions, since the policies and the holistic support are still seriously lacking.
HKARD is one of the few organizations that offer resources to Rare Diseases patients and appeal for proactive policies. Maggie hopes to dedicate this event to HKARD and we will need your support to inject positivity and momentum into their cause.
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