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The restaurants of Caring Table.

The Purpose of “Caring Table”

We hope to encourage restaurants to be more inclusive of the disabled community. By accommodating the needs of others, we believe that society as a whole will benefit, and restaurants will benefit from the patronage of those with special needs and their families. After all, it is “more blessed to give than to receive”.

Plan of Action

We propose that restaurants offer the followings:


Priority for the restaurant’s Caring tables


Extra-space for those Caring tables to accommodate
their needs


An extended dining time for those sat at Caring tables


A booking service for Caring tables (if applicable)

*Of course, when a caring table is not in use or
booked,it should be offered to the general public.

Restaurants that participate in our “Caring Table” scheme will be given a special label to place at their front door encouraging the disabled-families to come in to dine. A list of all restaurants participating in the scheme having booking service will also be available to the public at www.OneClickCarehk.com and the One Click Care Mobile App. Besides, we will keep monitoring the effectiveness, also review the feasibility of constant normalization of the scheme.

To encourage the catering staff of the restaurants which have signed up the “Caring Table” scheme, we will offer workshops and seminars to equip the staff with the skills of serving disabled-families, as well as providing suggested service guidelines. Through sharing and exchanging ideas we aim at promoting a fruitful dialogue that leads to a two-win situation of raising serving quality.

Join Us

To encourage disabled-families for better social integration, and to promote your brand, you are welcome to sign up for “Caring Table” scheme.

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